We pride ourselves on creating animations that illustrate your messaging in an engaging, creative and impactful format.


  • We schedule an initial briefing call with you to get a better understanding of your video brief. We discuss everything from your project goals, key messages, video styling and casting through to timelines and budget.
  • Following an agreement on the brief, we can advise on the production schedule and further detail about the production such as script development and storyboarding.
  • Once these stages are complete we can move into the production phase.


The production stage of any video is the most exciting part, you will see your ideas come to life!

  • If your video includes a script – this will be recorded by one of our voiceover artists.
  • The prepared storyboard will be used to guide the building stage of the animation. This is when the full animated video is formed.


The vision you’ve had since day one will finally come together.

  • The animation, voiceover and sound effects are combined at this stage, along with any additional assets that may be needed.
  • This is the final stage for revisions and we make sure you are informed every step of the way until your video is delivered. 

We can help deliver all types of animations including: 

  • 2D and 3D animation 
  • Training, explainer and promotional videos 
  • Product placement and social media animations

We can also offer photography packages!

Our portfolio covers a range of commercial, corporate and private photography services.

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